- die weltweit grösste Gallery für Gitarre und Bass.

If you like to show your gallery to others, you have to provide the full url. Here is how to shorten this url.
To refer to your own gallery, you have to use a construct like this:

To link to a specific instrument, it's necessary to link the gallery this was:

If you like to shorten this syntax, use the following construct to refer to your gallery index:

To link to a specific instrument in your gallery, use this syntax:[page]

Please note. Gallery names must be requested with the paramter g= (

  • guitar (calls the guitar gallery)
  • vintage (calls the vintage gallery)
  • acoustic (calls the acoustic gallery)
  • sold (calls the sold gear gallery)
  • stolen (calls the stolen gear gallery)
  • bass (calls the bass gallery)
  • amps (calls the amp gallery)
  • group (calls the groupshot gallery)
  • dream (calls the dreamgear gallery)
  • selfmade (calls the selfmade gallery)

Please note. Brands must be requested with the paramter m= (

  • Brands must be called without blanks. ("music man", "musicman").
  • The first page of a category has no number. If you have three Gibson guitars in a gallery and you want to refer to the first page, use this syntax:


Galleries without specific brands (sold, dream, stolen, group, selfmade):
  • The parameter m= must be given, but you don't have to add a brand.